Long Range Dual-Band Radio Modem

The RM-CC3-DB-HP-TF is a high performance, long range, drop-in radio modem for seamless integration. With its dual band ability, it can be used in most countries. It implements IEEE 802.15.4g and is Wi-SUN® FAN1.1 ready, for mesh intelligent networks.

Wi-SUN® FAN1.1 ready

For Mesh Smart Networking based on IEEE 802.15.4g

1W (30 dBm)

High efficiency Tx power amplifier

SAW filter and LNA

High reception sensitivity

29.5mm x 18mm x4mm

Small form factor

Typical applications

  • Wi-SUN® Field and Home Area Networks
  • Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Home and Building Automation

Other features

  • Long Range Dual-Band Radio Modem
  • EU863-870/US902-928 (software switchable)
  • IEEE 802.15.4g , Wi-SUN® FAN1.1 Ready
  • 1W output power (30 dBm)
  • 5 ppm TCXO (Time and frequency)
  • High performance LNA for better sensitivity