General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as of 2021/01/01

* 1) Purpose and Use of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (hereafter called GTC) regulate the relationship between Betech SA (as operator of and the customer. The GTC are an integral part of the agreement between Betech SA and the customer.

* 2) Prices

For Switzerland and Liechtenstein, all shop prices include VAT tax, unless otherwise stated. Price quotes and order confirmations are binding. Substantial errors are excepted.

* 3) Place of delivery and Use of Delivered Goods

If not otherwise stated, transport mode is EXW our warehouse (Yverdon) per Incoterm-2020 standards.

* 4) Payments

* 4.1) Payment terms for customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


We will send you an invoice and a pay-in slip with the delivery or via email. If not otherwise stated, the net invoice amount is payable within 30 days without deductions. We reserve the right to request pre-payment or down-payment in some cases. We will then send you an invoice for pre-payment. This will also be enforced in case of outstanding balances.

Credit card (Master Card, VISA, American Express) and Paypal

We do not ask nor record data of credit cards. Payment via Paypal will be processed and completed over their secure connection. Please see Paypal GTC for more informations.

* 4.2) Payment terms for customers in the EU

Credit card (Master Card, VISA, American Express) and paypal

We do not ask and record data on credit cards. Payment will be processed and completed by Paypal over a secure connection. Please see Paypal GTC for more informations.

* 5) Incomplete Orders

If an order requires pre-payment and the invoice is not paid within the agreed date, the order becomes void and the ordered quantities cannot be guaranteed in case of a new order or late payment.

* 6) Liability

Betech SA takes no responsibility for damage and injuries caused by improper or careless use of its products. Customers are held responsible for any wrong manipulation of data on the website. We reserve the right to charge any administrative work due to customer manipulation errors, such as (but not limited to) wrong order quantities, wrong shipping destination, etc.

* 7) Delivery, Shipping Costs

Please see paragraph *8 for Incoterm used. The shipment will be sent from our warehouses in Switzerland through the Swiss Post. If not otherwise stated on the product website, we apply Swiss Post Economy shipping fees. Please see directly the Swiss Post website for detailed information
for shipping within Switzerland or Liechtenstein
or for international shipping
There is neither package shipping nor delivery on Saturday. Delivery time is determined by the Swiss Post. These are non-binding estimates. Betech SA cannot take responsibility for the timely arrival of your shipment, or for delayed deliveries. In case of commercial customers, large quantities shipping and handling charges may be negotiated.

* 8) Lead times

We usually stock small quantities of our products, for customers samples. For mid-to-large quantities orders, please contact us in advance to check lead times. Please understand that we rely on external production partners, and we cannot guarantee short lead times.
Quotations indicate an approximate delivery date that can be expected with an immediate order. However, the quoted quantities are not reserved for you at the time of quotation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this delivery date is still valid by the time you accept our offer. Only after you accept our offer, we can give you an order confirmation with a definite delivery date. If we cannot keep this delivery date and there is a delay of more than seven days, you can withdraw from our contract without penalty. Further claims for damages due to delayed delivery are not valid.

* 9) Delivery delays

Delivery delays that happen during the transport are outside of our sphere of influence and we can therefore not be held liable for it.

* 10) Return policy

Customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein may return products within 14 days of receipt. Please contact us via phone or email before you return products. This enables us to handle the return quicker and avoid misunderstandings. Please use our original packaging for your return shipment of products or a similarly large and sturdy alternative packaging. Place the product in the center and use plenty of filling material all around them. Please put enough postage on the package. You will receive a refund after we have received the returned products and checked there is no damage. Postage costs for returned goods are at your expense.

* 11) Warranty

Betech SA guarantees the functional efficiency of delivered products. If not otherwise stated, we apply the legal default warranty after purchase. Products which are damaged during use cannot be returned or exchanged.
Our products are susceptible to electrostatic discharge ! Please handle with proper equipment. No warranty can be applied on damages due to ESD.

* 11.1) Exceptions to the Guarantee

Any further material or legal guarantees, with the exception of those mentioned in *11, are expressly excluded.

* 12) Data Protection

Customer data will be used internally at Betech SA only and will not be supplied to third parties.

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