Off-the-Shelf Antenna Tuning

Including Packaging

We help you implement off-the-shelf antennas in your design, including packaging. We guide you through the most cost and scope efficient solutions Selection and implementation of the most appropriate antenna for your design, including layout consulting and antenna measurement and matching within its operating environment.

In some cases, typically multiband antennas, the implementation process may include the fine tuning of the antenna before the determination of the matching circuitry.

Design Reference

Year Application Description
2014 parking meter Multiband matching of a 3G ceramic antenna in harsh environment
2015 datalogger Matching of an embedded GPS ceramic antenna
2018 LoRa gateway Fine tuning of a 869MHz whip antenna
2019 audio device Selection and implementation of WiFi and BLE antennas, as a replacement for a defective design
2020 parking meter Tuning and multiband matching of an LTE ceramic antenna in harsh environment
2021 LTE Selection and matching of an LTE antenna operating in the 700- 960 MHz and 1700-2100 MHz bands