Long Range 869MHz Radio Modem

The RM-CC1-NB-MP-T is a high performance, long range, drop-in radio modem for seamless integration. With its small form factor, it can easily replace miles of cables in industrial applications. The radio module is built to ensure highly reliable data communications in multi-node networks and harsh environments.

High selectivity

Europe cat1 capable

500mW (27 dBm)

High efficiency Tx power amplifier

SAW filter and LNA

High reception sensitivity

5 ppm TCXOs

Timing&frequency accuracy and stability

Typical applications

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Healthcare Applications
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Home and Building Automation

Other features

  • Long Range Radio Modem
  • EU869 (Cat. 1 capable)
  • TDMA MAC, GFSK PHY up to 200kbit/s
  • 500mW output power (27 dBm)
  • 5 ppm TCXOs (Time and frequency)
  • High performance LNA for better sensitivity